Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fishing Day South Bay Enterance Wading

Well, me and a couple of co-workers went fishing May 7th after work. Unfortunately it was after 4:00 pm that we were able to get out there. Where is out there? well we've been trying to get to South Bay via vehicle due to the lack of a boat or other floatational devices. Ill try to put a map of our trip soon. Well to our surprise we ended up on the mouth of South Bay and if you've ever been there you know its a heck of a trip to get there especially with out a 4x4. As we arrived we noticed three other trucks out there and asked an older gentleman how the fishing was it turned out he had caught a red or 2 .

Now under stand this me and these group of guys went fishing last year 2008 and were going about 2-3 times a week for about 8 weeks wading, standing, sitting, morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. Believe it or not we caught nothing but 1 Red, 1 Flounder and 1 Rainbow Trout, but ALOT of catfish (meow mix) and stingrays.

Back to the story this is the 1st time we've gone fishing in '09 and am glad to spendin' sometime in the sun. Well me and the other 3 were off and and got our gear in the water. Now I'm not a fan of Live shrimp I prefer artificial but my buddies prefer it live. Which is best?........... you decide. Well we ended up in the water maybe about 2 - 3 feet deep. Now if you've ever waded in South Bay you'll know its muddy. Right off the bat on the second cast one buddy we will call "D" caught a very nice 18 inch Speckled Trout. All while I'm working my plastics. Going back to "D" he was happy with that nice catch. 

As we all made our way a little closer to "D" hoping to have some of that big fish Karma rub off. "M" then gets a "Fish on" I know from experience, and I mean from watching others, that the fight this fish was putting....... it had to be a Red. After a nice fight it turned out to be a 20 inch red. Needless to say we had two very happy anglers in the water. While "JD" and I were trying our best to get at least a nibble. 

JD, ended up getting a bite but turned out to be catfish, I also caught a Meow Mix and with effort on top of that . By this time the sun was beginning to go down over the West and we all went from fishing to having a pretty good laugh about "D", "JD" "M" and myself falling in the muddy flats. Ohh that water gets cold when the sun goes down.

By the time we made it out to the trucks the other anglers that were there when we arrived had left and we were all alone. Cut up the fishies and headed towards the jetties which is the way we came in between the mangrove's. To make a long story short..... we got stuck on the rocks on our way out. While the wheels were turning we wouldn't get the truck to move after about 3 Min's of going nowhere we were greeted by others stuck further ahead we made a deal get us out and well get you out. With the strength of 7 men now we got 2 trucks out and made some new friends.

What can i say about this trip??? I learned its fun to be in the water with good friends even if you ain't catching, walk slowly in muddy water, leave before the sun goes down, and always try to take a 4x4 if you think you might get stuck. I'm looking forward to a great season of fishing this time around.

Monday, March 9, 2009


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Great stem cell research. I guess we don't already kill enough children through abortion. Now we need to kill them in test tubes as well. Well well well we certainly do change as a society where one could look for prosperity liberty justice even for the unborn, but not any more.

Lets get away from this for now and lets go talk to "Moderate Taliban" WHAT is a Moderate Taliban? ummm one that doesn't attempt suicide meeting daily just monthly????? Please, their is no negotiating with people who want to kill us.

Wait.....what are we going to give he Taliban leaders maybe they haven't seen a Michael Moore
Documentary lets giver them that Mr. President. Just make sure they can play them in a Afghanistan DVD player. 

What else is there ahhh yes Gun Control Lets make i harder for the Innocent to own a gun. How does that stop a criminal from getting a gun? Hell if I know. But i do know this the the Constitution of the United States IS under ATTACK. 

Change Change Change We certainly DID.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well added a geocache to the world. If your from around Texas i placed it south of South Padre Island known as Boca Chica Beach i hope someone goes to find it for it is my 1st one. You can see it at Geocaching.com
Let me know what you guys think geocaching is all over the world try it out, you never know what you'll find until you look.